Mandate and Statutory Role

Constitutional Mandate

The Constitution of Sierra Leone (Act No.6 of 1991) gives authority to, and provides for the independence and autonomy of the PSC. Sections 151-154 establish and specify its powers, including the power to make regulations for the effective and efficient performance of its functions. The 1991 Constitution also provides for the President to delegate some of his powers of appointment to the PSC while authorizing the Commission to delegate some authority to other public sector institutions.

Specifically, Section 152 sub-section (1) of the Constitution of Sierra Leone (Act No.6 of 1991), empowers the PSC, appoint persons to hold or act in offices in the public service (including power to make appointments on promotion and to confirm appointments) and to dismiss and to exercise disciplinary control over persons holding or acting in such offices shall vest in the Public Service Commission'.

Section 152 (2) provides for the delegation by the President of some of his appointments functions to the PSC,.......

'The President may, subject to such conditions as he may think fit delegate  any of his functions relating to making of appointments, including the power to make appointments or promotion and to confirm appointments, by direction in writing to the Public Service Commission or to a Committee thereof or to any member of the Commission or to any public officer'.

Also, section 152 sub-sections (6) and (7) further delimit the jurisdiction of the PSC by exclusion of the following:

Justices of the Superior Courts, the Director of Public Prosecutions; the Auditor-General; offices within the jurisdiction of the Judicial and Legal Service Commission, Ambassadors, Permanent Secretaries etc.