Directorate & Units

The revised structure of the PSC gives a corporate feel to its organization as an entity and charts a clear career pathway for every employee. There are four Directorates in total, each of them have Units focusing on specific thematic aspects of the work of the PSC:

Recruitment & Career Development Directorate: serves as the main link between the Commission and the Ministries Department and Agencies (MDA's) on all matters relating to recruitment, placement, promotion and staff development. This Directorate consists of three Units:

  1. Selection Appointments and Promotions
  2. Examinations
  3. Training & Career Development

Policy & Communications Directorate: provides research input into the analysis required for the development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of new and existing human resource policies. It also leads on the development and the implementation of PSC Communications strategy.

The Directorate consists of two units:

  1. Policy & Research
  2. Communications

Human Resource Audit Directorate: ensures the establishment and implementation of a robust Human Resource Audit System in all public service entities. This Directorate similarly houses three Units:

  1. Human Resource Audit
  2. Monitoring & Evaluation
  3. Grievances and Complaints handling

Corporate Services Directorate: provides administrative and support services to the Commission, including human resource management, financial management, ICT, Records management and procurement functions. These are also grouped into three Units:

  1. Administration & Human Resources
  2. Finance & Procurement
  3. ICT & Records Management